Don’t think small when buying a dining room chandelier

21 Feb

When buying a chandelier for the dining room, most consumers think too small. Ask a lighting professional and they’ll tell you that size really does matter when it comes to providing the function and the form that makes an overhead fixture a winner.

What is the right location for a chandelier?
Traditionally, chandeliers were placed in the center of the ceiling in the center of a room. That’s because it was usually the only or primary source of lighting for an entire area. However, now that many homes have recessed lighting, a chandelier can be placed anywhere to provide drama and focused lighting wherever you wish. For example, placing a chandelier or cluster of pendants over a dining table allows you to showcase a section of a room and draw attention downward to create an intimate and dramatic setting.

What’s the best height for hanging a chandelier over a table?
As a general rule of thumb, the base of the chandelier should measure 30 inches from the table surface.

How do you gauge the best size fixture for a dining room?
Most people make the mistake of going too small. Scale up the chandelier size and you’ll be amazed at the results. It fills the space a little better when it’s a touch larger. If it’s a pipsqueak-size chandelier, it loses impact. If you really like a small chandelier, consider hanging two next to each other to create more drama and scale than you’d get with one by itself.

How should you shop for a chandelier?
When people come to our waterfront showroom in search of a chandelier, they are often not armed with the details we need to help them choose the best size. We recommend that you take some snapshots of the room where the fixture will be located. Shoot the photos from several angles so that we can see the furnishings and overall decor theme you use. It’s also helpful if you bring the room dimensions with you, or even a floor plan so that we will know what other lighting elements exist in adjacent areas. For example, do you have an open concept area or lots of walls and windows?

Our showroom has a rich selection of fixtures in every price point, but we also welcome special orders and will be happy to suggest alternatives from our vast resource list of manufacturers and vendors.

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