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Get connected with the new Seed System lightshade


Get connected with the new Seed System lightshade

colouredcoralfloralNewburyport Lighting is delighted to introduce an idea whose time has come. The novel Seed System light shades by New Zealand designer David Trubridge are now part of our showroom, and we’re excited to tell you all about them.

While teaching at a workshop in Australia, Trubridge began to play with geometric structures found in nature. One particular experiment became the Coral Light, which in turn led to a variety of designs with lacy organic structure and myriad decor applications. To reduce the ecological footprint of the fixtures, Trubridge developed them as kit sets which on average are 1/40th of the volume of the fully assembled lights. By reducing the volume of the products into a kit, Trubridge also reduced the shipping and inventory costs.

Made from sustainably-harvested bamboo, all of the shapes in the Seed System collection are unique, taking inspiration from the natural world and translating into products which can be assembled at home. They create an ambient, rich atmosphere, evoking intimacy and warmth within a space.

Kit sets are available in natural, or with an under-side painted in vibrant hues which are evocative of tropical surroundings and yet blend in to almost any style of decor.


resizedimage398600-CoralTexturedSeed System lights generate shadows and patterns that reflect on the surrounding surfaces; take this into consideration when you are selecting which product to buy. What surfaces do you have in your home which might make the most of the projected reflections? Generally, the closer the light is to the surface itself, the crisper the patterns; think of walls, tables or ceilings. It’s also important to consider just how much light is required for your purposes.