Looking for something to light up your life?

We have it, whether you’re looking for an authentically replicated crystal chandelier, contemporary low voltage system, or advice on how to illuminate a challenging or special space. No matter what style grabs you -- hand-forged brass by regional artisans, cutting edge creations from Soho and Milan, whimsical motifs that make a statement, or classic shapes that shine in any decor --Newburyport Lighting has something striking. Browse our site or visit our waterfront showroom, and find out why discriminating consumers turn to Newburyport Lighting for the best and the brightest ideas.

Our waterfront showroom is bright and inviting.

Since 2001, The Newburyport Lighting Company has been a fixture in greater Newburyport, and a resource for discriminating residential and commercial clients. We chose to locate our business in this beautiful, historic seaside community because we wanted to provide our customers with a visually compelling alternative to the industrial parks and concrete jungles where all too many lighting stores are located. Continue Reading →